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 Vision Plus Greenville CyberEYES Digital Dispensing Solution
                     Precise Measurement and Imaging











What is CyberEYES?

Imagine if you could see exactly how you would look in your new glasses.  With CyberEYES, you can do just that.  It shows you what your glasses or colored contacts would look like on you.

CyberEYES is a digital dispensing system that thoroughly engages each patient in a highly personalized selection of frames, lenses, premium upgrades, and even colored contact lenses.  CyberEYES shows you exactly how you will look in your new glasses, including the effects of lens types, thickness, photochromic changes, tints, and anti-reflective lenses.

Unlike other systems that simply shoot digital pictures of patients wearing sample frames, CyberEYES uses sophisticated technology to generate lifelike images of  each frame selection, lens variation, tint and coating.  You see a life like image of how you would look wearing a certain frame that is selected with the lens of your choice.

With CyberEYES, you are involved and engaged during the entire process. 

At Vision PLUS, Greenville, we look forward to introducing you to, and having you become part of the state-of-the-art CyberEYES digital dispensing system.


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