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Contact Lens Examination

A contact lens examination is a separate extension of your comprehensive eye health examination. It requires more time because Dr. Wood or Dr. Pruitt will be measuring the surface of your eye to evaluate vision, fit, and comfort. For this examination, in addition to your regular eye health examination, you will need to plan on spending about ninety minutes at Vision PLUS.

The contact lens examination consists of a series of tests which helps Dr. Wood and Dr. Pruitt determine your eye health and your current vision.  Because the eyes come in various shapes and sizes, you need to have an accurate contact lens fitting to make sure that your contacts fit properly.  During this extensive examination,   Dr. Wood or Dr. Pruitt will take special measurements of your eye and its surface, checking for curvature and other factors that will affect how your lenses will ultimately fit. 

Your cornea will be carefully examined to make sure that there are no problems that would make it hard for you to become a successful contact lens wearer.

Here is what takes place for your examinations and fitting:

- Consultation
- Comprehensive Eye Health Examination
- Comprehensive Contact Lens Exam & Fitting
- Contact Lens Instruction
- Getting Your Contact Lenses, and/or
- Contact Lens Class (if applicable)
- Follow-Up/Contact Lens Progress Evaluation


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