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Retinal Camera

Allows us to photograph the inside of the eye inclusive of blood vessels, nerves and retina for diagnosis and future comparison of eye diseases related to diabetes, high blood pressure, neurological disorders, and other medical conditions.


This instrument maps out the shape of the cornea, the window of the eye using over 8000 points.  The colored contour map that is instantly produced gives us information about the health and integrity of the cornea for contact lens fitting, pre and post refractive surgery evaluation (LASIK), and diseases such as keratoconus.


This is the latest in digital imaging technology.  The GDX measures damage and thinning of the nerve fibers in the retina.  It allows us to detect Glaucoma (make a link) much earlier than ever before.  Early detection prevents blindness.

Visual Field Analyzer 

State-of-the-Art plotting of the field of vision allowing us to detect blind spots in the field of view that may be related to neurological diseases like glaucoma, vascular disease, and retinal detachment. 


This instrument, in less than one minute scans your eye and tells us what your eye glass lens prescription is with about 98% accuracy.


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